About the Project

The project Musikalsk Oplevelsesdesign (In English: Designing Classical Music Experiences) designed and developed innovative experiences in the context of classical music and live concerts. The project was based on the work of three cultural institutions in the Øresund Region, using them as ‘laboratories’ for developing and testing new concepts, focusing on artistic and technological productions and products, and sustainable business models.

Key insights of the Designing Classical Music Experiences project is presented in the book ‘How the Lion Learned to Moonwalk‘.

Contact: Project manager Karolina Rosenqvist. For a list of co-workers, see People.

Keywords: audience experiences, classical music, new business models

Co-funded by: The European Union Interreg IVA ÖKS, Region Skåne, Danish Arts Foundation, and project partners. Read about the project on Interreg IVA ÖKS website.

Project period: September 1, 2012, to December 31, 2014.

Partners: Malmö Symphony Orchestra, Copenhagen Phil, Royal Danish Theatre, Oresund Committee, Malmö University, and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design.

The future of musical experiences in the Øresund region
The Øresund Region has a rich selection of major cultural institutions, concert halls and symphonic orchestras of high international standard. But, classical music needs to find new ways to connect with a broader audience. It is of course important to defend high artistic qualities, but also to evolve over time. There are constantly new demands on the experiences that different audiences expect, not least in the new generations of concert-goers. And this is what the project Musikalsk Oplevelsesdesign is all about. Stakeholders from both the cultural sector and academia on both sides of Øresund will collaborate during a period of two and a half years with the aim of developing and designing innovative audience experiences in the context of classical music and live concerts. The project is funded by an EU grant of just over seven million SEK.

The project is based on the work of three cultural institutions in the region: Malmö symfoniorkester, Det Kongelige Teater and Sjællands symfoniorkester (Copenhagen Phil). Together with researchers and students from both Medea, Malmö University, and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – School of Design in Copenhagen, the cultural institutions will be laboratories for developing and testing new experience concepts, aiming for artistic and technological productions, products and sustainable business models. Part of it will be to look into possibilities of mobile services and other digital solutions, but also visual and interactive experiences in concert halls and other public areas.

The project will develop an innovation strategy and create a cluster of cultural institutions, academia and creative industries in the Öresund region and to share knowledge about the use of new technological solutions when it comes to audience experiences.