Framgångsrik crowdfunding: World Online Orchestra når sitt mål

218 personer och organisationer har på crowdfundingsajten Kickstarter hjälpt Copenhagen Phil att samla in 30.537 CAD (ca. 20.000 EUR). Pengarna ska gå till att öppna den kollaborativa symfoniorkestern World Online Orchestra för musikaliska bidrag från musiker över hela världen.


De insamlade pengarna ska gå till fas 2 i utvecklingen av WOO.

Flera medier och bloggar har uppmärksammat WOO, bland andra designbyrån Hide & Seek där Alex Fleetwood skriver att WOO är “a more open understanding about what it might mean to play a symphony. As Alex Ross put it:”

The philosopher Lydia Goehr, in her book “The Imaginary Museum of Musical Works,” shows that the concept of a “work”—an infallible score to be scrupulously realized in performance—did not exist until the Romantic period. Before then, scores were less like papal writs than like cooking recipes, leaving crucial details up to the taste of the performers. Singers would adorn their lines according to their abilities and whims. Instrumentalists would fill out their parts with ornaments and other sonic curlicues. Composers often doubled as virtuosos, throwing out ideas in off-the-cuff improvisations. In this repertory, the modern ideal of the note-perfect performance, so prized in conservatories, automatically produces an inauthentic result. Play only the right notes, and you play them wrong.

Fleetwood fortsätter: “I’m all for this ‘wrong’ performance of a Beethoven symphony – where players can both build their own ensemble, and add to it in ways they choose – there’s a wonderful space here for improvisation and play, mediated through the web.”

Läs hela artikeln “In praise of the World Online Orchestra” (Jan 14, 2014)

På sajten The Creators’ Project (Feb 4, 2014) skrev man under rubriken “Step Up And Join The Global Online Orchestra”:

In the era of crowdsourcing, it was only a matter of time before tech-savvy music connoiseurs and time-tested performance traditions would find their unity in new media.

Andra ställen där WOO behandlats är:

“Digital Orchestra Mixes Worldwide Musical Performances”, PSFK, Feb 7, 2014.

“Symfoniorkester i cyberspace”, Berlingske Tidene, Jan 13, 2014.