Booklet exploring audience engagement concepts

KADK-booklet-frontProject partner Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – School of Design (KADK), has produced a booklet that explores the audience engagement concepts developed in collaboration between KADK, Malmö University, students and cultural institutions. View the booklet below!

Excerpts from the introduction by Jakob Ion Wille and Arthur Steijn

In the spring of 2013, students from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design and Malmö University were engaged in programs part of the EU project, Musical Experience Design. The EU project is seeking development of innovative experiences within the context of live classical music concerts. Three cultural institutions in the Øresund region, Malmö Symphony Orchestra, The Royal Danish Theatre, and Copenhagen Phil, are functioning as laboratories for developing and testing new concepts.

At Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, the program was to explore ways to design meaningful interaction between classical music concerts and their audience, using new visualization technologies. At Malmö University, the students focused on how to develop new models that could contribute to cultivating new expertise and strengthening the relations between cultural institutions and their audiences. This booklet is a showcase of the eight conceptual designs developed by students from the School of Design and four from Malmö University during the semester, as well as the work produced by students from both schools in cooperation with The Royal Danish Orchestra (Det Kongelige Kappel) for a series of children’s concerts performed in the fall of 2013 in The Opera House in Copenhagen.

Finally, thoughts on working with experience design and renewing the live format of symphonic music will be discussed in the booklet. The idea of renewing the format of symphonic music, live performance including audience engagement and the use of modern audio-visual media technology raises aesthetic, technological and methodological questions. As a framework for the presentation of the work and design done by the students, these questions will be addressed in texts authored by researchers involved in the project. Please enjoy.

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