Interaction design masters students design for audience engagement

How can contemporary media strengthen the relationship between cultural institutions and their audience? This is a question that seventeen interaction design students at the School of Arts and Communication, Malmö University, are looking into for ten weeks.

Update: read more about the final concepts here!

By: Erling Björgvinsson

Corpus New Media Interactions

Ballet group Corpus exploring new media interactions.

Through the Interreg project Musical Experience Design and co-design processes that involves Copenhagen Phil, Malmö Symphony Orchestra (MSO) and The Royal Danish Theater and their audiences, new audience experiences enhanced by media will be developed and tested.

Studentgrupp MSO

Materials from the workshop with MSO

Deepen the relationship with an already loyal audience
Together with MSO, interaction design students Carlo Luccioni, Chi-heng Peng, Chomphunut Haglund and James McIntyre study and design how collaborative media can deepen the MSO’s relationship with its its already loyal and enthusiastic Joystick audience. The Joystick concert is a format where MSO plays computer game music. Questions explored are: In what ways can Joystick concerts be stretched out in time and space? Could the gamer events, that happen in the foyer, be made more co-creative and include musical creation that is launched as an online challenge weeks before the concert?

Remix the symphony 
Students Balazs Gobel, Björn Lind, Lu Jin, Maria Houlberg-Laursen, together with Copenhagen Phil and Makropol, are exploring how Copenhagen Phil’s planned production of a World Online Orchestra can be made into a physical interactive installation or event where the audience can explore, co-create and remix parts of a symphony. World Online Orchestra is an online platform that Copenhagen Phil plans to launch where an online audience can discover and remixing classical music.

Challenging audience/dancer boundaries and celebrating Shakespeare/Verdi
The ballet group Corpus, at the Royal Danish Theater, together with students Atilim Sahin, Halfdan Jensen, Maja Fagerberg Ranten, Rozina Sidhu, are exploring how the boundaries between the audience and the dancers can be challenged and made more participatory and happen in public places.

In the fall of 2013 the Royal Danish Theater will celebrate the birth of Shakespeare and Verdi, a celebration that will be visited by five thousand gymnasium students. The interaction design students Job van der Zwan and Torsten Hansson therefore study and suggest new forms for how pedagogical processes can be enhanced by collaborative media.

The design ideas and knowledge gained from the projects will be presented at Medea at the end of March 2013.

Previous Medea/Malmö University projects involving interaction design masters students include a project on digital poetry, a collaboration between students, five poets and the cultural magazine Pequod, which for instance resulted in the “Twitter Poem” I Am Poem. Other projects include Welfare Anxiety, a collaboration with artists, and the online magazine Dagens Välfärd.