Musikaliskt mass-samarbete: Concerto for Composer and City

Kompositören Tod Machover har under lång tid varit en del av avantgardet inom musikalisk innovation. Machover intervjuas i webmagasinet Smart Planet om den nya satsningen A Toronto Symphony: Concerto for Composer and City som skall vara ett exempel på “musikaliskt mass-samarbete”.

I intervjun säger Machover:

With the Toronto Symphony project, I thought, could you make a situation where quite a lot of people who don’t know each other can come together to have this type of experience? Could I invite the entire city of Toronto to take this basic theme of a portrait of a city — a sonic portrait of Toronto — and make a piece with me? I’m trying to set up a situation where it ends up being a piece of music that none of us could have done alone, but I take the responsibility of being the leader, which means if it stinks at the end people can throw tomatoes at me.

Tod Machover - Credit Flickr user Joi CC:BY

Tod Machover, bildrättigheter Joi Ito med licensen CC:BY

Tod Machover påpekar också att det inte var så lätt som han trodde att skapa verket enbart online:

Twenty percent of the interesting stuff has been … developed purely online, but about 80 percent has been from contact with real people sitting face to face trading music, trading ideas and trying things.

Läs hela intervjun här och läs mer om Toronto-projektet på MIT Media Labs webbplats.