Using Experience Design to Reach a Broader Audience for Classical Music

Vår projektpartner Jakob Ion Wille på KADK tipsar om en artikel i Mind Design där man reflekterar över projektet Musikalisk Oplevelsesdesign:

Together with Arthur Steijn, Jakob Ion Wille aims to alter the dramaturgy of the concert experience. They wish to explore how audiences can have an experience that goes beyond the basic components of buying a ticket, going to the concert, having a drink during intermission, taking in the second part of the concert and going home again. “We would like to extend the concert experience, so to speak, by altering the dramaturgy of the experience. Letting the music begin already outside the concert hall. Experimenting with the use of visual effects in the lobby and in the concert hall itself. Giving the audience a recording of the concert to take home on their phone. At the same time, we are also aware of the need to preserve the live experience and to avoid disturbing the artistic product”, he points out.

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